Janice Robinson

Janice Robinson is an international singer and songwriter who has been performing her brand of inspirational dance music for the last 30 years.  With club hits like "Dreamer" and "There Must Be Love", Janice has stood the test of time and secured her position as an original diva of dance music.
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There Must Be Love-Janice Robinson and David Morales-Now available on iTunes

Listen to Janice on SoundCloud Listen to Janice on Muse Digital 1

Keep Up With Janice on Twitter

Discography and Songwriting Credits

Abigail - Home...Again
"Let The Joy Rise"
Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong
Brahim - Evolution
"So Into You"
Tania Stach
Kristine W - Stronger
"Let Love Reign"
Lucas Prata - Let's Get It On
"Love Of My Life"
"Feel The Love Again"
Natalia - Back For More
Reina - This is Reina
"If I Close My Eyes"
"On My Own"
Ricki-Lee Coulter - Brand New Day
"Melody of Life"
"I Appreciate You"
Sandrine Van Handenhoven - Story of Us (Movie)
"Story of Us"
Taylor Dayne - Satisfied
Taylor Dayne - Naked without You
"Whenever You Fall"
Tevin Campbell - Tevin Campbell
"Never Again"
VFactory - These Are The Days EP
"These Are The Days"
Janice Robinson-The Color Within Me
"Nothing I Would Change"; "Finally Taking Over"; "Dead End Girl"; "Afterlife"; "Search for Love"; "1664 Park Ave"; "Sleeping in the Playground"; "Color Within Me"; "Gracefully Gliding"; "It Really Don't Matter"


Dreamer-Live on Top of the Pops 1995

David Morales & Janice Robinson performing live @ NEUHM 26.12.2015

Dreamer-Livin' Joy with Janice Robinson

There Must Be Love-David Morales and Janice Robinson

I'm Still Here-Janice Robinson

There Must be Love-David Morales and Janice Robinson

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