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Hello and welcome to my first official website!!! I have been waiting for years to have this moment. A place were my fans and new people who discover me for the first time can come and experience my music my spirit my truth and my journey. I started many years ago, way before internet, so to still be relevent during an era where artist are very young and very edgy I find my artistry and my message to still be fresh and timeless with pure and real emotions. My artistry doesn’t follow trends I am uniquely made by God and I am grateful. This website will provide you with a in-depth look at my life as God continues to move me in new directions. I am a very conscious about my place in the world and I am deeply in tune with what the world needs.
LOVE is my message in everything write. No matter what the story is of the song ultimately there is a deep feeling of LOVE radiating through my lyrics and music. I have been writing songs since I was 16 years old I had my first #1 record when I was 24 and from there I never stopped. I was met with several challenging moments in my life were I had to take a hiatus from my artistry but I never loss my faith I always knew God gave me a divine purpose. I pray that this website makes you feel even closer to me for my heart is pure and it is in every song I create. This is a journey we are all on it together.  I look forward to rejoicing with you all during the good times.  Even when sad times come I look forward to shedding tears with you all as well. My faith has kept me all these years and now I am beyond excited to connect with a new generation of music lovers and re connect with my fans who always wondered where did I go? Well I am here like my song I wrote for my fans “I’M STILL HERE” 


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